Know More About Our Brand – VV Sveglio

VV Sveglio Made in India Photo by Ajay R


VV Sveglio was founded by two childhood friends who have a mutual admiration for abstract art and fashion. 


Our focus is to give you the most premium quality by creating organic cotton shirts that feel good, have a minimal and classic vibe, and are made to get softer with every wash - our material is ultra refined.


VV Sveglio is not about just living, but about being alive, present, and fully immersed in your experiences. Our shirts are designed to give you the most comfortable, breathable fit for all of life’s best moments.


Preserving the environment is important to us. We use recyclable packaging to reduce waste and all VV products are packaged and shipped in high-quality resealable bags.


VV Sveglio Made in India Tall Tee Photo by Ajay R